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At the heart of Priority Law is our specialised practice in the secured property funding sector, particularly as regards short term lending secured by mortgage against property. We have a wealth of experience in acting for large commercial lenders offering a range of products and services. We are able to support our client’s lending on large scale multi-million pound developments secured against multiple properties as well as smaller scale lending on individual property purchases and mortgaging.

An excellent example of our practical expertise can be found in our acting for financial organisations who lend money to property professionals to buy properties at auction. The necessary bridging finance needs to be in place quickly, sometimes within as little as 24 hours.

Instructions generally arrive with no notice, and with pressing deadlines for this finance, we act swiftly to ensure our client’s requirements are met and that their customer can then proceed to completion in time.

With plenty of experience in these time-pressured deals, our dedicated team can ensure this potentially stressful process is managed efficiently and completed, within the required deadlines.

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